We recognize that your privacy is important to you, and it is important to us as well. Discord is a platform for you to chill on, not get spied on. When you invite our bot, we want to make your life and the lives of those in your community easier, rather than adding the stress of wondering where your information is going. That is why we felt it necessary to write this page, and do the following:

  • Explain what information we store
  • How your information is used
  • Who can see your information

  •   If you have any questions, please join our Support server or DM Pmblue#1085 on Discord. We would be happy to answer them.

    Error Handling

      One of the steps we take to give you more control over your information, is how we handle errors caused by reactions or messages. Rather than sending errors immediately, we ask users for permission to send the error, and explain what information may be involved. You can see what this looks like, and what we are given in logs, below.

    Your data, your control

      If you want to see for yourself what data we store, you can access a dump of your stored data at any time with "/data request"!

      Want to delete the data we have stored? Do "/data delete", and choose what data we store that you want deleted at any time. For killmail data specifically, deletion must be requested by contacting Pmblue#1085 on Discord. Feel free to contact staff in our support server for more info.

      The same applies to servers. Any user with Manage Server permissions can perform the "/data guild request" and "/data guild delete" commands!

    What Do We Store?

      There are a variety of factors that may effect exactly what information we store, namely the settings of your guild. This will also change over time as we add new features.

      Currently, we store any settings that are set by users. Right now, that is only their default system in Eve Echoes. We also store all settings that are set by guilds, such as prefix, log channel, ect. As for killmails, we store killmail images, the user who posted the killmail, what servers it has been posted in, and the data read in the killmail. This is guarenteed to change as features are added, and we will make announcements in our Discord whenever this policy changes for an update.

    Who can see your information

      The information is stored in local databases, on our host. The only person with access to the host is Pmblue#1085, and we do not share your information without consent. These databases are not even sent to other devs. So, in theory, your settings can be seen by Pmblue#1085, though I do not use or share it without consent. In terms of killmail data specifically, your data privacy depends entirely on per server privacy settings. Note that if you have killmails being forwarded to a server with settings that allows killmails to be shared publicly, you are subject to those settings. I would be happy to further explain on Discord in DMs, as always.

      There is ultimately no way (that we have thought of) to make your data and settings 100% accessible to only you. The same is going to be true with all other bots out there. So, we at least work to limit the amount of people with access as much as possible. If you have ideas for us to do better in this area, please feel free to share.