Auxilus has many Eve Echoes features to improve your New Eden experience, as listed below!


Killmail Parsing

The bot will read your killmails and save statistics on them for you to retrieve in the channel of your choice. You can even get automatic daily/weekly reports in whatever channel you desire, or have your own killboard webpage. Do "!killmail help" for more information, or "!killmail setup" for a quick setup. You can set bounties as well, get more info with "!bounty".

Planetary Resource Finding

You are able to find resources with this bot, with the "!res find" command. This command allows you to search near systems, in constellations, and in regions, for the planetary resources. You can search for the most profitable planets, the planets with the highest outputs, or the closest planets. There is also a "!res opt" command you can check out for even more options, to get a full path based on wanted resources.

Path Optimization & Finding

Using the "!path opt" command, you can get the perfect order in which to visit certain systems to get between them with the lowest amount of jumps! With the "!jumps" command, you can get not only the jumps it takes to go from one system to another, but the travel time in certain ships as well. If you use the "/jumps" command, you can even provide your ship and specific stats for a specific travel time for your situation.

Trello Notifications

Get notifications in the channel of your choice whenever the developers add or update a card on the Echoes Roadmap.

Echoes Of New Eden Podcasts

Listen to Echoes of New Eden podcasts in your Discord voice channels! Do "!eone help" for more information on this.


I have started an unofficial API, very basic. Sharing data is caring :)

Killmail Parsing Features