Auxilus Echoes API (Unofficial)

  THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL EVE ECHOES API! We still all await the day an official api is released, together. This is player-made, and not sponsored by Netease. It makes use of data shared to the public by other players. All of the source(s) will be in the Credits section. In this reference, all examples will be assuming use of the Python Requests module. This api returns JSON responses. These docs don't look very good, but hey, its something. It is also in beta, and I plan on adding more endpoints. In terms of credit, it would be nice if we got some form of credit if you use this API, but it is not required.

Rate Limits

  The standard rate limit for this API is 2,500 points per day per IP. In valid requests, the following headers will be returned:

REMAINING_POINTS Amount of points remaining during this period.
REFRESH_TIME A UTC Epoch timestamp of when you will have your points refreshed.
MAX_POINTS Total of points allowed per period.

  If you want an increase in your rate limit, please DM @Pmblue#1085 for an auth key. If you do have an auth key, you can use it by having a header called "Auth", with the value being your given auth key. In the following example, you see a header dictionary which would be used in the requests module, assuming that your auth key is "1r32nf2":

headers = {
  "Auth": "1r32nf2"

Please note, that ip when using auth keys is irrelevant. Also remember that an auth key or header is not required, it is just able to be used if given to you, for increased rate limits.


  Huge shoutout to reddit user EveEchoesData. This API would not be possible, without the data they released. You can see the Reddit post that I got the data from, here.


 List of the endpoints, using this link, that are used for the API.


This can be used to check the status of the API, and will include rate limit headers. Costs 1 point.

Example Request (Python)
headers = {
  "Auth": "1r32nf2"

r = requests.get("")

Example Response (JSON)
  "online": true


This is used to find the shortest jump paths from one source system to another. This only costs 1 point. The following shows the required variables that must be included in this request:

Variable Value
src The id of the system you want to use as the source.
dest The id of the system you want to use as the destination.


Example Request (Python)
r = requests.get("")

Example Response (JSON)
  "dest": "30002801",
"src": "30000142",
"path": [
"jump_amt": 4 }

Undocumented List

This is a list of the endpoints that I have made and available, but are not yet documented. This may be because I was simply lazy for some of them, or because some are also just very straightforward. Note that I still do plan on adding docs on all of these. Feel free to ask any questions about these or anything elses at Pmblue#1085 on Discord.

/jumps_name/{src}/{dest} Alternative to /jumps endpoint, which allows names (not caps or hyphen sensitive) to be provided. Takes bit longer, and 2 points.
/systems Returns all available systems and their ids. 5 points.
/regions Returns list of names of all available Regions.
/region/{region} Info on the region w/ the name given.
/system/{system} Info on the system w/ the id given.
/planet/{planet} Info on the planet w/ the id given.
/find_system/{system} Info on the system w/ the name (not caps or hyphen sensitive) given. Requires 2 points.
/blueprints Blueprints with names as their values, and item ids as their keys. Requires 2 points.
/get_blueprint/{item_id} Info on a blueprint, and its materials. Production values are at 100%, not the default 150%.